One moment, please!

The masterpiece of mobile phone app was completely renewed!

Weird DIY simulation game, "Garakuta Factory” appears as an app of smartphones!

The weird manufacture simulation game!!

Where is your dad!?

Your dad was deceived, and lost 5000JPY!
He heard the rumor of virtual currency, and disappeared from the factory… 

Old-friend, Saki

Can you develop many weird products and save the factory with a cool old-friend, Saki!?
In addition, find your dad!



And Sell Them!

Screw, Energy, Material, Power Source
Mix these 4 items, and develop funny products!

Manufacture developed products a lot!
If the factory become bigger, you can develop more products!

If you manufacture products, sell them a lot!
Develop a lot of money concerning about the season and the trend.

Now we are preparing!
Probably soon…

Wait with a joy!

App : Garakuta Factory
Language : Japanese
Region : Japan
Price : Free (Additional payments for items/materials are needed)

Contact from here

Musekinin-Shokai Official Account
We deliver the newest information of Garakuta Factory!

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